Westview Baptist Church

The Psalmist tells us, "God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble."



Westview Baptist Church is part of the Baptist General Conference (BGC) which started as a Swedish Speaking Baptist Denomination. In 1726 church meetings were outlawed in Sweden. But by 1840 secret meetings had gained much support.

In 1850 Pastor Fredric Neilson was arrested for conducting secret church services. He was convicted and banished from Sweden.

He and thousands of other immigrants poured into America and spread across the United States, starting churches as they went. The first Swedish church in Canada began in 1905, and the Alberta Conference was founded in 1906.

By 1916 English was being taught in the Swedish Seminaries, and most BGC churches were speaking English by 1944.

Westview Baptist Church began April 1, 1948 under the leadership of Sydney Larson.


Our Affiliation

Westview Baptist Church is associated with the Baptist General Conference of Canada and United States. We are an autonomous congregation, that is we are responsible for our own affairs under Christ. We are a democratic organization with a representative form of government.

Baptist General Conference of Canada 

British Columbia Baptist Conference

The Rose Window

This stained glass window has a lot of symbolic meaning for the Westview Baptist Church. Click here to learn its story.